Amigos Beer

Amigos is a 5.5% ABV golden, easy drinking beer with a unique Aztec-themed brand identity that resonates with Amigos' 21 to 30 year-old target market who want to enjoy something new and genuinely different.

Sunshine beer is experiencing growth as younger consumers seek out new brands which represent 'their generation'. Sweeter tasting brands within beer are delivering sustained category growth, and Amigos naturally flavoured beer, which features notes of South American limes, is currently one of the fastest growing beers in the UK market.

Just hitting the USA in April of 2012 Amigos is quickly developing a fan base as a quality import beer.

Tasting Notes

Notes of South American limes contribute to the beer's zesty and refreshing taste profile, making it an ideal accompaniment to many food dishes and a perfect beverage for the summer.


Amigos Beer is packaged in 12oz bottles and a convenient 4-pack.