Kick Energy

Kick Energy is a refreshing energy drink that has been specifically designed to give the consumer a boost when it's needed most. Kick Energy's caffeine and taurine helps the consumer to stay alert and gives a boost of energy, whether they are beating the mid-afternoon slump at work, rally driving on a dirt track at 120mph, or entering those final crucial levels of a computer game. Unlike some other energy drinks, Kick contains NO Guarana which some people complain causes them to be jittery or have stomach discomfort.

Kick enhances spirit serves, but also works well as a standalone soft drink. Kick's light carbonation, energizing properties and excellent taste profile is proving popular with consumers.

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Kick is available in a convenient 8.4oz can, a 16.9oz can, and a 4 pack (8.4oz cans).

8.4oz Can

16.9oz Can